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Golfgurion Portable Mini Golf Courses are manufactured in Europe (Lithuania).

This page is created to answer all the questions about importing procedures of the Mini Golf to United States. 

mini golf modules to united states

Indhold, der kan skjules

⭐ Do I have to pay for Customs Duty & Clearance when purchasing the Mini Golf Modules and shipping to US?

Since the order is valued at more than 800 USD, it is necessary to complete Customs Duty & Clearance processes

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⭐ How much Customs Duty & Clearance Broker cost?

Customs Broker prices vary from 200 to 600 USD. It may differ depending on chosen broker or economy situation.

Customs Duty & Customs decision of how much duty is going to be may differentiate. Typically, it is 5-10% from total order value.


⛳ Order value: 4,000 USD;

⛳ Custom duty: 7% from 4,000 USD = 280 USD;

⛳ Broker: 450 USD;

⛳ Total Custom clearance expenses: 730 USD.

In case you encounter difficulties of finding the right broker, this could be handled by GolfGurion's Delivery Partners for the approximate fee of 500-700 USD. Please contact us before completing your order to arrange the additional service.

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⭐ How does shipping process of GolfGurion Mini Golf look like?

After all manufacturing processes, we pack products in our packing center. Simultaneously, we arrange the delivery service + Insurance agreement.

After going through export procedures in Lithuania customs, package will go on a Ship (Or Plane depending on order), and will go to United States CFS Terminal (Container Freight Station). From that point package will be transferred to a Truck and will go to Customer.

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⭐ Could I use my own Customs Clearance Broker?


You can either use your own broker, or ask our delivery partners to take care of these processes for you.

⭐ Insurance information. Are products insured?

Products going to US will be insured under ICC (A) 01/01/09 type of insurance.


1. Fire and explosion;

2. Vehicle accident, driving off the road;

3. Malicious activities of third parties;

4. Theft when there are signs of intrusion;

5. General accident or ship/cargo salvage costs;

6. Washing off the deck;

7. Ship running aground, sinking or overturning, colliding with an external object;

8. Forced unloading of cargo at the port (in case of an accident);

9. Water entering the container, piracy;

10. Improper loading, securing or packaging of cargo;

11. Unloading of the cargo, if it will not be done by the owner of the cargo

⭐ What is the HS Code for GolfGurion Mini Golf Modules?

HS Code 95063990 - Golf, equipment, balls

Mini Golf Courses For Sale | GolfGurion

The width of mini golf courses varies, along with the quantity of modules in each package, all meticulously crafted by hand. Miniature golf courses are ideal for corporate gatherings, parties, hotels, camps, motels, and beyond.