Importing Mini golf courses to the US

mini golf modules to united states


🏌️⛳ Will it be necessary to pay for Customs Duty & Clearance when receiving this product in the US? What are the costs? 


In the United States, orders valued at more than 800 $ should go through Customs Duty & Clearance processes. Source: More information Internet purchases | US Customs

Typical costs when 1 Mini golf course is shipped from Lithuania to US:

  • Shipping expenses: 900-1,550$
  • Custom duty & clearance: 150-350$ (typical duty rate about 5.63 percent)
  • Insurance (covers 100% product value): 50-70$
  • Customs agent: 200-400$ (OPTIONAL)
 *Prices are calculated separately for every unique location and may differ from the quote received


🏌️⛳ Customs Clearance agent is OPTIONAL


Many companies ordering from Golfgurion already have their own Customs clearance broker. But at the same time, there are companies/individuals that do not have the agent in their contact list. 

Our delivery company is here to help!

We will arrange the Customs Clearance agent who will take care of product clearance processes for you. Customs agent fees: 200-400$.


If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us

We are here to ensure your Mini Golf experience exceeds expectations

Best wishes and have fun!

Golfgurion team


⛳ Portable Mini Golf Courses. Are you an individual or business looking for the portable mini golf course? Contact us to get a quote

We will deliver to your location: Door-to-door worldwide shipping is provided. Our clients are typically from the North America & West Europe regions.

Miniature golf prices range from 2,000 $ to 5,500 $ depending on the shipping location and the product selected.